The Everest Base Camp Trek During the Fall

A group of Everest base camp trekkers sitting on a stone wall posing for a photo, all smiling.

Not only are there much fewer people this time of year, the weather and climate present a different environment than during the standard spring Everest Base Camp treks. Learn more.   You don’t have to go with us to the summit of Everest to experience this breathtaking mountain. Our 18-day Everest Base Camp Trek allows […]

Mountaineering in Ecuador: Breathtaking Volcanoes and Technical Terrain

If you’re interested in a unique alpine experience, for both trekking and mountaineering, Ecuador is still a well-kept secret. Learn why.   Harboring 10 mountains higher than 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) including the 6,300-meter Chimborazo, all in a country smaller than the U.S. state of Nevada… It’s safe to say that Ecuador is a mountaineering […]