Patagonian Ice Cap Expedition

Discover in Patagonia one of the world’s most stunning mountain environments

A Trip To The Southern Patagonian Ice Cap Is A Fantastic And Unique Mountaineering Challenge And An Opportunity To Discover One Of The World’s Most Stunning Mountain Environments. Our Journey Is A Ski Traverse Of The Ice Cap Behind The Fitz Roy And Cerro Torre Mountain Ranges, Making Ascents And Descents Along The Way, And In Fact Almost A Circumnavigation Of This Spectacular And Unique Region That Exists In Total Isolation.


For solid skiers we plan to make ascents of peaks en route; weather and conditions allowing. For this reason the itinerary has extra days built-in for exploring on the ice cap. As the terrain on the Patagonian ice cap is almost flat (except when getting onto and leaving the glacier through passes) we can travel by either snowshoes or skis with our gear on sleds. Weather permitting we will attempt Cerro Grande at 2,804m in the Torre mountain range and/or Cerro Gorra Blanca 2860m. The ice cap crossing can be undertaken in any kind of weather; more important on this kind of trip is the spirit of the group. Our stepping-off point to gain the ice cap will be the small village of El Chaltén, Patagonia’s adventure capital, situated between the Viedma Lake and the southern Andes.

If you relish the prospect of demanding travel in stunningly beautiful yet harsh terrain, with a reputation for some of planet’s most extreme and continuously changing weather patterns, this trip is for you!


Patagonia blew my mind

This was a hard trip but the most rewarding and remote adventure of my life! If felt I was in Antarctica, but our return to Chalten couldn’t have been more Argentinean. Planning the next trip already!

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