Best Of Bolivia Land Expedition

Colorful Indian Traditions And Enigmatic Ancient Ruins Make Bolivia One Of The World’s Most Mystical Countries, The “tibet” Of South America


BBE’s Best of Bolivia Land Expedition offers the opportunity to experience our hand-picked top non-mountaineering treats of this extraordinarily colorful and welcoming country. The culture of Bolivia is fascinating, with the highest percentage of indigenous people in the western hemisphere. Many of the Aymara and Quechua people, living in the remote areas, do not speak Spanish, yet in La Paz, there is a colorful mix of modern and traditional, European and ancient Andean cultures.

Kicking off in the south we visit the Salar de Uyuni, which covers an area of 10,580 sq. km and situated at over 3000m. It is the largest and highest salt flat in the world, its white surface resembling an immense glacier. The scenery here, high in the Andes, is out of this world – vast expanses of white desert that stretch as far as the eye can see, bordered by jagged peaks and littered with conical pyramids of salt. With few settlements and only occasional llama herders to be seen, travelling in this landscape feels like travelling in the very farthest reaches of the earth, or perhaps another planet! The surrounding area contains lakes, hot springs and geysers and is home to impressive birdlife.

From Uyuni we return to Bolivia’s capital. There are few cities with such an extraordinary setting as lofty La Paz, and at 3,640 metres above sea level, La Paz has serious altitude. Thankfully after Uyuni we won’t be affected. Flying in we see the flat Altiplano (high plain) fall away into a steep-sided bowl lined with a maze of adobe and red-brick buildings, which mix with modern skyscrapers at the base. And towering above it all is the jagged, glacier-topped Cordillera Real.

We complete this adventure with a visit to the shimmering Lake Titicaca, located at 12,448ft/3,856m above sea level, and providing a magnificent backdrop to this uniquely high world. Said to be the birthplace of the Incas, it’s home to numerous ruins and steeped in history.


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