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Mount Baker 6-day Mountaineering Course

Appropriately Named “the Great White Watcher” By The Local Tribes, Mount Baker Frames The Picturesque Landscape Islands, And Farms Below. From The Summit, Views Of The Spires And Peaks Of The North Cascades Are Truly Breathtaking, With Rainier, Adams, And Glacier Peak Piercing Through The Clouds Below.


Our 6-day Mount Baker Mountaineering Course takes either the Coleman Deming Route, one of the “standard” routes up the mountain, or the North West Ridge. Each provide the perfect places to learn new skills. Climbers can ice climb seracs and crevasses even in the height of summer. Either route involves challenging route finding through icefalls, seracs, and large crevasses.

As with all our courses, our aim for is for you to lead our expedition by the end of the week, and for our summit attempt. This should be a very rewarding and empowering experience. We will have covered the essential skills of glacier travel, navigation and route finding, glaciology, hazard assessment, knots, spacing of climbers, and rope management, trip planning using maps, compasses and altimeters, where to and how to set up camps, melt water and cook, in addition to personal care and hygiene, whilst at all times caring for the mountain and emplying Leave No Trace principles. You will also have learnt to evaluate both subjective and objective hazards, plan around weather conditions and forecasting, as well as know what to do in an emergency.

Summit day begins in the quiet and magical pre-dawn hours as we gear up for rope-team travel. We will navigate a safe path past magnificent crevasses and alpine walls towards the summit. The ascent takes around five to seven hours and we should arrive on the summit in the morning hours when the light streams across the roof of the North Cascades and the peaks of Southern Canada.

Caring, empathetic, and with an open eye for each climber, there is really a awesome feeling to be climbing with Willie and working with you all at BBE. Michael, Newhall, CA, July 2018

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