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Kilimanjaro Machame Route

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The Machamé Route (Aka “the Whiskey Route”) Offers Several Distinct Advantages To Other Routes On The Kilimanjaro. Our Favorite Of Which Is The Fact That Is It Is Far Less Traveled Compared To The Whopping 15,000 Yearly Attempts Made On More Direct Routes, Such As The Marangu. This Isolation On The Ascent Offers Our Customers A Pristine Wilderness Experience And Less Known Views Of This Worldwide Wonder.


The Machamé is also near and dear to our hearts thanks to a safer and more comfortable acclimatization schedule than other routes on Kilimanjaro. Our approach on the Machamé Route offers an ideal 7-day schedule and our success rate is very high! The majority of other Kilimanjaro climbs use a 5 or 6-day itinerary resulting in several failed attempts. However, trips longer than 7-days often add hiking time lower on the mountain without aiding the acclimatization process. Therefore, our 7-day approach hits the mark of an ideal acclimatization process without wasting energy at lower altitudes. We know that sleeping on the famous crater rim may be a great experience, but trust us, the sights to be discovered on the Machamé Route will take your breath away! Furthermore, you’ll be perfectly acclimatized too, so what’s not to like?

For our trip, High Camp is located under 16,000ft, as opposed to the 17,000ft altitude on several other options. This is another calculated decision on our part to give you the best chance possible to reach the summit and enjoy your adventure to the fullest! We take the extra step to follow the established mountaineering philosophy of “Climb High, Sleep Low” with our Camp being located under 16,000ft; and your enjoyment, safety, and success are always our top priorities! What’s more, the Machamé Route is by far the most ecologically diverse route on Kilimanjaro. Our exceptional camp selection exposes climbers to the area’s remote and pristine environment via no less than 5 distinct ecological zones.


Tailor-made Option

We can organize this expedition on a ‘tailor-made’ private basis for groups of friends, families, clubs, charities or any other group. Depending on your mountaineering experience, you may want a BBE leader or go ‘self-led’ with the assistance of local guides. The cost of going private can be surprisingly reasonable, particularly if you take the self-led option. Please contact us to discuss the itinerary and your preferred dates. We will then send you a quote, with no obligation.

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