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Cayambe & Cotopaxi: Training Expedition

This Expedition Is An Ideal Choice For Trekkers And Mountaineers Who Wish To Gain Experience Beyond The Alpine Altitudes And Experience Ecuador’s Spectacular Volcanoes.


Ecuador is without doubt the land of volcanoes, with more than thirty significant peaks in this small country. This unique BBE program is often also made into a longer training expedition for mountaineers preparing for 8000m peaks, especially Mount Everest, who wish to gain experience and solid skills at higher alpine altitudes whilst enjoying the chance to climb Ecuador’s majestic summit: Cotopaxi. Whichever trip works to fulfil your goals, this is a tough climb, and the effort required to reach the top of this impressive mountain should not be underestimated.

We begin our adventure in Ecuador with an orientation in Quito (9,400 feet – 2,865m), the world’s second highest capital after La Paz, Bolivia. Our time spent shopping and enjoying day hikes serves to acclimatize us before we depart to our first volcano. We then journey to Cayambe where accessible glaciers offer an ideal learning environment. After our summit of Cayambe and a relaxing night back in Quito we drive to Cotopaxi for more tuition and higher altitudes.

You will have a great sense of accomplishment as you stand on top and enjoy the incredible views! In the event that the conditions on Cotopaxi are unfavorable, we have the option to summit Antisana or the Illinizas. As an added attraction to this wonderful trip we will be staying in charming haciendas and enjoying the fine cuisine Ecuador offers its visitors.

Benegas Brothers uses only expert guides and our low climber to guide ratio (2:1) which translates into higher summit success and most important a safer climb. Our gradual acclimatization itinerary including the incredible Condor trek aloud us to explore in the deep of the Ecuadorian rainforest to the mystical altiplano giving us a plenty of time to prepare ourselves for this climb.


What a feeling to stand on the top of an Ecuadorian Volcano! This was my third climb with Benegas Brothers Expeditions, and my greatest achievement yet.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made it without the expertise of Willie and Damian Benegas. Our acclimatizing process, the intimate size of our group, and the special training my girlfriend and I received was once again, the best in the industry. BBE has never failed to provide me with anything but the best journey, understanding and chance to become a part of the local environment and people, as well as focusing on the continued growth of my physical abilities, climbing knowledge and experience while participating in successful, safe, and fun climbs. I feel so fortunate to have Willie Benegas as my guide. He has made climbing actually possible for me, who at 56, only began climbing two years ago. With his training I am pursuing a dream I never thought possible and it has positively changed my life forever. Additionally, BBE cares so much for the environment and Leave No Trace Principles, and all their staff are amazing individuals… I am so happy to now have you all as a part of my life. Thanks BBE!
Karen, 2012

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