The Seven Summits

Denali (Mount Mckinley)

A spectacular alpine-style climb in the stunning Denali National Park

At 6,168m, Mount Mckinley, Whose Native Name Is Denali For “the High One”, Is The Highest Mountain Peak In North America. An Ascent Of Denali Touches The Psyche Of All Alpinists, And For Those Who Have Undertaken Its Challenges, It Rewards Them With An Unforgettable, Once-in-a-lifetime Experience.

The tremendous size and beauty of Denali generate a magnetism that continually draws climbers from around the world. At some 18,000 feet (5,500 m), the base-to-peak rise of Denali is considered the largest of any mountain situated entirely above sea level. Considered by some as the hardest of all the Seven Summits climbs, this is a tough, man-powered expedition, involving extreme altitude and cold. Its arctic environment, with extreme temperatures and harsh storms, and its great height above the Alaskan plain make it a severe test of personal strength, team work, and logistics.

No peak in the world has greater relief: In contrast, Kilimanjaro rises 14,000 feet over its surrounding plains and Everest, only 13,000 feet. Vertical elevation gain on Everest from the normal base camp for the South Col route is 11,000 feet; from our landing spot on the Kahiltna Glacier Denali’s summit rises another 13,000 feet.

Denali requires specific skills and training and we are delighted to plan the necessary courses to achieve this goal with anyone aspiring to climb this impressive and tough mountain.

Benegas Brothers Expeditions ‘Guest Guides’ Denali with Alpine Ascents International.

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