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Alpine Climbing in the USA

The USA is blessed with an incredible amount of open space, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world protected by city, state and national parks.

Only to be guided by Willie Benegas! All climber guide ratios are 1:2 (2 clients)

Many of the popular climbing venues in the U.S. only allow a handful of guide services to legally operate. Therefore if we cannot secure our own permit to guide in a specific venue, we will work through one of the local concession holders as a “guest guide.” In doing so, we can offer trips legally to some incredible places that are often very difficult for independent guides to gain access to:

BBE’s Guest Guide Privileges:

  • Exum Mountain Guides
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Guides
  • Utah Mountain Adventures
  • Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions
  • Alpine Ascents International

Willie is a co-owner of the Certified Guide CO-OP, giving him the amazing opportunity to guide in the following permitted areas:

  • Smith Rocks State Park
  • Red Rock Conservation Area
  • Moab BLM
  • Mohonk Preserve (Gunks)
  • Ouray Ice Park
  • Mount Baker WA
  • Eldorado Cayon CO


If you want to climb / ski in an area not listed here, just contact us… We will make it happen!