Wasatch Rock Climbing

Climb the multi-pitch classics of Utah’s Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons! Half & Full Day Rock Climbing for All Levels

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Hiring a rock climbing guide ensures you have the best experience while visiting the Wasatch Mountains. Leave the guesswork at home so you can find the best rock climbing pitches and the smallest crowds.

Half & Full Day Rock Climbing for All Levels

Salt Lake City is known for having some of the best access to recreation in the country. Mountains and trailheads abut a bustling city, complete with an international airport for those eager to pursue any mountain adventure. The access is what has attracted mountain guides  and professional athletes for years.  It is what also sets it apart as a launching pad for rock climbing and alpine pursuits since many of our guides train here for bigger objectives. 

Be it a goal of climbing Everest, or just learning to tie in and rock climb for the first time. The Wasatch Mountains of Utah combined with our team of guides can provide mentorship and progression for climbing any range in any condition. 

For those looking for a break from work, we offer half day climbing trips in Little or Big Cottonwood Canyon. 


HALF-DAY trips run approximately four hours with flexible meeting times throughout the day. There is no experience required, as our guides will handle all the instruction for new climbers.

For the more seasoned climber, rest assured that even with a half day of climbing we can get on the highest quality, full-value routes in the Wasatch Range. Some approaches can take as little as a minute. Climbing with a guide who’s intimately familiar with the area really is a no brainer! 


FULL-DAY outings, allow for the time to hike to routes that provide incredible solitude, and explore the longer climbs of the area. We are able to take the time to cover intermediate to advanced topics, such as speed vs time-efficiency, belaying strategies, and descending longer routes. 

The Cottonwood Canyons have literally everything you can think of, and more! Slabs, cracks, steeps and overhangs, and our unique diversity of rock from granite, quartzite to limestone. Some walls in Little Cottonwood Canyon reach 1,100ft feet in height and offer up to 10 pitches! Grades vary from 5.4 to 5.11, and some of our favorites include:

West Slabs (10 pitches, 5.5),

Steort’s Ridge (three pitches, 5.6),

Schoolroom (five pitches, 5.6),

Outside Corner (four pitches 5.7),

Tingey’s Terror (seven pitches, 5.7),

Pentapitch (three to five pitches, 5.8),

The Dorsal Fin (three pitches, 5.10d),

Triple Overhangs (four pitches, 5.10a) and

Stiffler’s Mom (seven pitches, 5.11a),

... just to name a few. There are hundreds more to discover!


  • Cost

    From $250 / half day

  • Location

    Wasatch Range, UT

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Summer Adventures in our Wasatch Backyard
From $250 (half-day)
Half-day to Multi-day

Summer Adventures in our Wasatch Backyard

Endless summer, new horizons

Our stunning Wasatch Range adventures our permited via our partner WASATCH MOUNTAIN GUIDES LLC.

Wasatch Backyard Summer Adventures

We currently have availability for the following upcoming dates, please check back for updates!

  • Aug 28, Aug 29, Aug 30, Aug 31 weekend
  • Sept 4, Sept 5, Sept 6 weekend
  • Sept 11, Sept 12, Sept 13 weekend
  • Sept 18, Sept 19, Sept 20 weekend
  • Sept 25, Sept 26, Sept 27 weekend

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Wasatch Rock Climbing

Climb the multi-pitch classics of Utah’s Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons! Half & Full Day Rock Climbing for All Levels

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