Aconcagua is a fantastic introduction to high altitude expedition climbing

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At an awe inspiring 6963m, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, and you get to climb it!

Aconcagua is one of the Seven Summits, and is one of our most popular mountaineering destinations. It can serve  as an introduction to high altitude expedition climbing or tackled via more technical routes. 

Benegas Brothers Expeditions has been guiding and climbing on Aconcagua for over 25 years, and we strive to provide an exciting experience filled with remarkable views, environmentally safe practices, and small group sizes to help you reach your dreams.

For 2021, BBE’s perennial focus on small group sizes serves as a differentiator as the global community begins to recover and re-open following the COVID pandemic. Adventures off the beaten track while providing a sustainable adventure, both in terms of client-to-guide ratio but also environmental wellness of our mountains are operational pillars for BBE. So as you contemplate embarking on an expedition like this, no detail will go overlooked and unchecked.

Trust us, from the moment we meet at the airport you’re in the capable hands of our BBE guides and friendly base camp staff, who are all working to provide you with an unforgettable adventure. Throughout our tenure operating on Aconcagua we have created a well-organized family atmosphere on the mountain; and as some of the most experienced guides on Aconcagua, we offer this once in a lifetime opportunity to share our vast local knowledge as we take you to the ‘Roof of the Americas’.

We first climbed Aconcagua in 1987 and have since explored every valley and climbing route on this giant, and we always take the greatest care to select routes that offer the best experiences for our veteran and novice climbers. 

We will continue to offer two routes for a choice between non-technical and technical ascents; the 21-day Aconcagua Northwest Ridge (The Regular / "Normal" Route) and the 22-day Aconcagua Polish Glacier Climb.

You can find more detailed information about these two routes below, and we look forward to climbing with you to the ‘Roof of the Americas’!



Aconcagua Normal Route
20 days

Aconcagua Normal Route

An excellent introduction to high-altitude expedition climbing with minimal technical challenges

Aconcagua Polish Glacier Route
22 days

Aconcagua Polish Glacier Route

The Polish Glacier is a much more serious undertaking than the Normal Route and only for qualified climbers