Everest Weekly Round Up!


It's almost summit push time, and some amazing images here from our last rotation!

Well, our members have had a great week. After a fabulous rotation all the way up to Camp 2, they made the decision to make a 'drop back', dropping down to Namche Bazaar at 'just' 3400m, to breath thicker air and allow lungs and muscles to regroup ready for the upcoming summit push.

AS ALWAYS tho at BBE, we play the patient waiting game. Many teams have been waiting for the Sherpa fixing team, who put safetly rope all the way up to the summit, to start their summit puses, the fixing has been dealyed by high winds, and everyone at base camp is very eager to climb up to 8848m and go home asap. We don't 'do' crowds at BBE, so we'll be looking for a quieter window after the first larger groups have come down.