Our courses provide the perfect locations to learn new skills and meet the challenges of climbing, route finding, camping, and being prepared for the unexpected. Our aim for is for you to lead your expedition summit attempt by the end of the week, both a very rewarding and empowering experience.

Home in on all the skills required to enjoy the mountains independently – our aim is to get you out in the mountains unguided in the future: trip planning, weather, avalanche concerns and routes, plan B’s, safety plans, camp locations, group dynamics and plenty more!





Mount Baker 6-day Mountaineering Course
6 days

Mount Baker 6-day Mountaineering Course

An empowering mountaineering experience for eager to learn climbers

Winter Wasatch Backyard Training
From $530 (2 days)
2 to 3 days

Winter Wasatch Backyard Training

2 to 3 day alpine training programs in the Wasatch mountains of Utah