Wasatch Backcountry Skiing

Fully Customized Skiing in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah

Utah’s utterly breathtaking Wasatch Mountains are renowned among skiers worldwide for their consistent, deep, and light snow, backcountry adventure opportunities, hugely varied terrain, and all-season-long snowfall.

At BBE, we can’t WAIT for winter. That’s why we run ski-touring days as well as longer ski trips all season. Our ski trips are led by Willie Benegas on the dates of YOUR choice, and immerse you in truly out-of-this-world backcountry skiing opportunities. Trips are set in the Cottonwood Canyons, giving us access to some of the best touring on the whole planet. These canyons are famous for the “Greatest Snow on Earth”, and lie just a short drive from Salt Lake City. Use the tabs above to read over the details about our tours for all levels of skier.

About Your Guide

Willie not only boasts significant expedition experience on Himalayan Peaks, seventeen Everest summits, first ascents around the world, as well as Denali, Aconcagua, and Antarctica, but he simply adores to ski! His enthusiasm is contagious. Guiding or not, the extraordinarily, light “champagne powder” that blankets the Wasatch each winter keeps him out in the mountains exploring the region every single day. Book a day’s touring from introductory to advanced level to enjoy untracked powder, exquisite solitude, great exercise, and some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. Rest assured, Willie will share his intimate knowledge of the Wasatch Range and its snowpack with you.

Willie has full IFMGA certification, and whilst planning each day around daily weather patterns and snow conditions, he also works hard to choose the perfect backcountry tour specifically for YOU! Tours range from lower angle tree skiing on low-visibility days, to high summits, couloirs, and high mountain traverses (and just about everything in-between!).

Whether this is your first time in the Wasatch Range, or you’re a veteran of the area, rest assured that tons of secrets await! Get a group together now to join Willie for a private day, and take in some of the most truly beautiful backcountry touring terrain in the US.

Fully-Customized Wasatch Backcountry Ski Trips: Designed to Help You Meet Your Goals

These fully-customized ski trips are breathtaking, inspiring, and leave you with new skills and outstanding know how. You’ll love these trips if you:

  • Want to gain the skills to ski tour the Utah backcountry unguided
  • Hope to run your own ski mountaineering expedition
  • Have some off piste experience, but yearn to dig into backcountry powder skiing, with greater confidence in route finding and deep turns during longer descents
  • Want to plan extended-length trips in winter conditions, or
  • Have an avvy cert and great skiing ability, but want gain the skills to rappel into something more serious

Come join our customized ski seminars that place right here in the Wasatch Mountains… We offer fully-customized trips that help you meet YOUR goals. This way, you can improve as an independent randonee or extreme skier.

During your focused trip, you will hone in on all the skills you are either missing, or need to fine tune in order to enjoy the winter mountains independently. Our aim is to get you out in the mountains unguided in the future, by gaining backcountry ski planning, weather skills, avalanche concerns and routes, plan B’s, safety plans, camp locations, group dynamics, and plenty more!

  • Cost

    From $260 / day

    Minimum of 1

  • Duration

    1 to 6 days

  • Location

    Wasatch Range, Utah

  • Client/Guide


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Introductory Backcountry Ski Tours in the Cottonwood Canyons

If you’ve never explored the Wasatch Mountain backcountry before, our introductory classics are the answer. You will get our top pick of panoramic views and fabulous descents – but with the very shortest approach.

These ski trips are suitable for those who have never toured before, and depending on conditions, take place in either Little or Big Cottonwood Canyons. We include any necessary instruction and tips on technique and fine-tuning as needed. You’ll also find out how to increase efficiency to save energy!

The skiing features gentle rolling terrain suitable for a wide range of abilities, and with any luck, some of Utah’s famous powder. An average day will include time for lunch, and approximately 1,500 – 2,500 feet of climbing over the course of six hours.

Difficulty – Easy  | 1,500 to 2,500 vert.
Days – 6 Hours
Venues – Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons
Dates – December to March
1 Person $450 | 2 People $295 each | 3 People $260 each

Intermediate Level Tours to Days Fork, Silver Fork, Cardiac, White Pine & Red Pine

On these steeper and longer days, we introduce just some of the places which have made backcountry skiing in Utah world-famous. You’ll get into some fantastic, challenging terrain – so you can continue to grow your skills in one of the most stunning parts of the planet.

Specific tours vary per conditions and clients’ focuses, but we always aim to go to where the best snow can be found. On many of these tours, we begin in Little Cottonwood Canyon, ski down into Big Cottonwood, and eventually work our way back up and over into Little Cottonwood again.

Each day involves approximately 3,000 to 5,000 feet of climbing and skiing over the course of roughly seven hours.

Difficulty – Moderate to Hard | 3,000 to 5,000 Vert.
Days – 7 Hours
Minimum age – 12
Venues – Big & Little Cottonwood Canyon
Dates – December to March
1 Person $450 | 2 People $295 each | 3 People $260 each

Advanced Tours

Difficulty – Hard | 5,000 to 8,000 Vert.
Days – 8 Hours
Minimum age – 14
Venues – Big & Little Cottonwood
Dates – December to March
1 Person $450 | 2 People $295 each | 3 People $260 each

One of the highlights of ski touring in the Wasatch Mountains is skiing multiple, stunning peaks and slopes in the same day. Advanced Tours will focus on covering a wide variety of terrain and aspects – with the best snow.

Because this tour requires solid physical stamina and good skinning technique, clients must be approved beforehand either through someone we know, or a prior outing with BBE. A day will include time for lunch, plus 5,000 to 8,000 feet of climbing and skiing over roughly eight hours.

Lift Access Backcountry Skiing and Riding

Difficulty – Easy-Hard  | Vert. varies
Days – 6 Hours
Minimum age – 12
Venues – Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons
Dates – December to March
1 Person $450 | 2 People $295 each | 3 People $260 each
Does not includes lift ticket

Some of the best skiing in the Wasatch lies just outside resort boundaries. Lifts provide us with speedy access to high mountain terrain, and allow us to reach the Wasatch’ uppermost elevations, and stack up vertical with considerably less hiking or skinning.

We may make a ‘one-up’ to gain altitude on our way to more remote peaks, or return to the lifts multiple times, combining lifts with short hikes and traverses in order to enjoy untracked powder adjacent to the resorts. Here, you can make lap after lap to your heart’s content!

Of course, leaving the resort is NOT for those without experience. Lift tickets are not included.

Daily plan:

  • Meet at specified location
  • Go over itinerary, individual goals and route selection
  • Review basic back country ski equipment, techniques for the day (up, down, conversions, anything technical)
  • Skin up objective
  • Technique and movement advice will be given along the way
  • Break for water and snacks as needed
  • Ski an amazing run
  • Proceed to ski some more beautiful backcountry!

Cost for Extreme Days:

Days that consist of more than 10 hours of movement, often up to 14. Depending on travel and logistics, we may require two standard days instead of one extreme day.

  • 1:1 – $650 per person per day
  • 2:1 – $450 per person per day


For all destinations outside of Utah, the cost of the guides’ travel will be covered by our guests, divided evenly amongst the individuals.

Cost for non-UT Days, intro to advanced:

Depending on travel and logistics, we may require two standard days instead of one day.

  • 1:1 – $500 per person per day
  • 2:1 – $325 per person per day
  • 3:1 – $275 per person per day


Rates do not include food for our guests, as we’ve found there are simply too many differences in tastes and preferences. Guests bring their own food, or we shop together when camping.


The rate does include all group camping and climbing equipment when necessary: tents, stoves, stove fuel, pots, climbing ropes, and climbing protection. The rate does not include personal ski (touring skis as well as avalanche gear) and personal camping equipment (pad, sleeping bag, headlamp etc).


Tipping has become an ingrained part of the American service industry, and guiding isn’t an exception. Gratuity is not included in any of our rates. If you have questions or would like suggestions about how to tip your guide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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