Península Valdés Sea Kayak Safari

Chubut province on the Patagonian coast of Argentina

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Our Península Valdés Sea Kayak Safaris offer unique access to an extraordinary coastal wilderness. Be prepared for unexpected encounters with big wildlife. Enjoy delicious food with an appetite inspired by fresh air and exercise. Share the pleasure of photography or birding, and the best of all… relax, while we take care of the details. Come to one of the most beautiful places on earth and enjoy a new sport or indulging in a passion already discovered.

Upcoming Dates

Oct 17 - Oct 23

The Península Valdés is located in Chubut province on the Patagonian coast. Its landscape unfolds towards the Southern Atlantic Ocean forming almost an island. Declared as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, it is home to an extensive variety of wildlife. In addition to penguins, sea lions, elephants seals and incredible marine birdlife, Its biggest attraction is the Southern Right Whale that migrates here yearly for breeding and calving.

This 7-day itinerary features days on pristine waters and nights under the Southern Cross. As we paddle, huge mammals rise out in the Gulf of San Jose and playful seals bark and slide into the water to join us. Whether focusing our day on bird watching, visiting archeological sites along the coast, enjoying spectacular sunsets or listening to the sounds of the Southern Right Whale, kayaking at Península Valdés is all about fun and adventure.

On all our kayak trips, the true spirit of adventure and discovery is mixed with learning and personal challenge, while emphasizing safety and offering instruction. We begin each kayak trip with an orientation to our sea kayaks followed by on-the-water safety considerations and basic paddling skill instruction. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe by the time you get on the water. You'll soon handle your kayak with confidence, and you can expect to not only refine your techniques over the course of the trip, but also to be introduced to new skills and ideas throughout. Our trips are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness; however good general physical condition is necessary.


  • Cost


    Minimum of 2
    Private Group Price: $9,900

  • Duration

    7 days

  • Location

    Península Valdés, Argentina

  • Client/Guide


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Day 1: Upon arrival, you will be met to transfer from Puerto Madryn Airport to the Península Valdés Natural Reserve. Puerto Piramides will be our destination and is the only town in the Reserve. Once at the hotel you will be greeted by the BBE Patagonia Explorers team for an orientation on the following days. During the afternoon we will go for a whale watching boat trip to have our first encounter with the Southern Right Whales. Overnight at the award winning Del Nomade Ecolodge in Puerto Piramides. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner NOT included)

Day 2: In the morning we drive to the San Jose Gulf, the departure site of our sea kayak expedition. The next five days will be spent enjoying and exploring the magnificent coast and wildlife of this Gulf. Paddling distances are 15/20 kms approx. each day, allowing us to observe the different marine mammals, birds and other highlights, and take several hikes to enjoy the fascinating scenery and other surprises. We also take time to relax and enjoy excellent food and wine, accompanied by pure and wild nature. Our adventure proper begins at Bengoa Beach, a fisherman’s outpost, where locals make a living from the sea using various different techniques to fish and collect sea food. With the help of our guide, we will be fitting all our gear and food for the coming days into our kayaks! We will also receive a precise briefing on security, paddling technique guidelines, as well as important environmental regulations for this pristine and astonishing area. We will be able to take our time for some practise before we start out. We then begin our journey paddling towards Punta Conos, passing on the way a Southern Sea Lion colony, where the sea lions have no fear of diving into the water to come and greet us, and we will stop for lunch on a sandy beach close to the colony. It is in the Punta Conos area that we set up our first camp, and during the afternoon we will take a walk to explore different sections of the cliffs and observe the marine fossils there characteristic of the Península Valdés. We will see fossils of marine lifeforms that inhabited this sea literally million of years ago. We will also discover sites in the sand dunes with different archaeological remains of the ancient Tehuelche Indian tribes, later wiped out by the Mapuche tribes from Chile. From our camp we will be able to enjoy a wonderful sunset and a delicious dinner.

Day 3 and 4: After a filling breakfast and the undoing of camp we paddle for approximately one hour to Whale Camp, a small beach where we will have lunch and camp. We have the option to camp here for two nights so that we can also go for a few hikes to different points of interest. This location has been used for over 30 years by scientists studying  the Southern Right Whale.

Day 5: Today we will leave Whale Camp, and at midday, after passing a section of cliffs, we reach the Fracasso Bay, where at low tide a huge section of the beach remains exposed (known as a slough). This is an area where many shore birds feed in sand flats which are exposed during low tide, such as Two-banded plover, Lesser Yellowlegs, and Bird’s sandpiper. After lunch we continue to paddle until we reach Enchanted Bay were we set up camp. This area is one of the best to see whales close to the shore. Late in the afternoon before dinner we’ll enjoy an authentic Argentinian picada under the majestic southern hemisphere sky and sounds of the whales and their calves, enjoying this visit to a secret location which is truly one of the most magical places on earth.

Day 6: After breakfast and undoing camp for the last time, we will paddle to Villarino Beach, a well-known and important site in the Península Valdés history where the first Spanish expeditions landed. This is sadly our final destination for the kayak trip, and from here we will return to the Piramides village and overnight at Del Nomade Ecolodge again. Time for a shower!
(Dinner NOT Included)

Day 7: This is our last day, and after a hearty Del Nomade style breakfast we head off for a land tour to the external coast of the Peninsula, heading north past the San Jose Gulf to be fully exposed to the Atlantic, where we will be able to see a huge diversity of wildlife and an impressive landscape. This seemingly barren Peninsula, at least to the untrained eye, is actually bursting with wildlife. We will visit one of the most important penguin colonies in the area, home to approximately 200,000 specimens from August to April each year. Then, we will visit the Punta Norte Reserve, probably the most famous observation point of Peninsula. Here we will observe a sea lion colony, graceful guanacos (a South American camelid similar to a lama), a big rodent locally named “mara”, rheas and elephant seals. With huge luck orcas may show up, but this is more likely outside of whale season in March and April. After Punta Norte we’ll continue on to Caleta Valdes Natural Reserve, a stunning geographical feature that encloses the largest variety of sea fauna in the whole Peninsula. This thin strip of land, 22 miles long, is propitious for the development of a great population of sea mammals, sea and shore birds and some typical species from the Patagonian steppe. The beach, protected from the sea and the wind, is the ideal home for many elephant seals. After the tour we'll head on out of the Peninsula and transfer to Puerto Madryn. You can take public transport out the next day to either Puerto Madryn or Trelew Airport for connecting flights to Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, or El Calafate (for example).
(Hotel on Day 7 and dinner NOT included.)

Why go with us?
Our unrivaled familiarity with the area is the result of personal experiences over our entire lives living and exploring our beloved Patagonia. We believe in the best guiding possible. Professional naturalist guides are involved in each of our adventure sea kayak trips. Our self-sufficient sea kayak expeditions are always fully personalized. Smaller groups leave fewer footprints and can enjoy a more intimate outdoor experience along with the silence of nature.

What do we provide?

  • Fixed departures as well as customized, private tours
  • Qualified expedition guides with WFR and A.C.A certification
  • Expert English speaking naturalist guides
  • Our strong ties with local conservation an and environmental and wildlife experts
  • Our emphasis on education, interpretation and discussion
  • Twenty years experience working with North American clients
  • Our proactive nature in the development and support of sustainable eco tourism in Patagonia

Our Commitment to Safety
BBE Patagonia Explorers has worked for more than twenty years in coastal marine wildernesses operating sea kayaking adventure programs for active adults and families. We have committed to safety, incorporating into our programs comprehensive risk management strategies and protocols.

Our Equipment

  • Double and single Sea Kayak specially designed for long expeditions (Necky and SDK). Your trip will have a mixed fleet of single and double touring kayaks. Usually, the choice is yours in terms of whether you paddle a single or a double (however we never guarantee the exclusive use of a single kayak due to safety or other logistical reasons)
  • Kayaking equipment: paddles, life jackets, dry bags, waterproof jackets and neoprene skirts
  • All group camping and cooking gear: North Face Tents (double occupancy), thermal sleeping mats
  • MSR stove and gas stove, expedition mess tent
  • Full Medical Kits / GPS / Satellite Phone / VHF radios / 4 x 4 Vehicle
  • Ground transportation as mentioned in itineraries (daily flights from Buenos Aires to near by Trelew and Puerto Madryn allow for easy transfers)

Getting There
Travel to Puerto Madryn, Argentina (PMY) typically takes over 24 hours from the U.S. depending on your departure city, available connections, and flight times. You will normally have to overnight in Buenos Aires on the way in, which is great fun for a brief visit to the city, and rest. Upon arrival at the small airport of Puerto Madryn, just pass customs and look for your guide, who will have a sign with your name.

Entry Requirements
A valid passport is required when traveling to Argentina. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the expected return date. U.S. passport holders may stay up to 90 days without a visa. We suggest making a copy of the first two pages of your passport and keeping them in a separate bag as a backup. A copy should also be left with your emergency contact.

Please confirm any current travel advisories/warnings as well as passport and visa requirements with the U.S. Department of State.

Information about Argentina’s Reciprocity Fee
If you are a Canadian, or Australian citizen traveling to Argentina, you are required to pay a “Reciprocity Fee” ($140). This fee is required by the Government of Argentina and is not included in your airfare. This imposed fee must be prepaid online ( prior to travel. Please check the Embassy of Argentina’s web site if you have any questions. The fee is no longer applicable to US citizens as of 2017.

Travel Insurance & Rescue Insurance
We require the purchase of insurance plans to protect you from the unexpected. Please consult with your insurance company with any specific questions, regarding coverage, and policy details, and if you have any questions contact our offices.

BBE recommends RipCord, who provide coverage to protect against trip cancellation, interruption, or delay due to unforeseeable sickness, injury or death of you or a family member. Coverage also includes trip cost default protection; stolen or damaged luggage; and trip or baggage delay protection.

Coverage should include lost or damaged baggage, BBE is not responsible for the personal items or baggage of its members at any time.

All of the meals served on Benegas Brothers Expeditions trips are a combination of the best local and regional fares along with occasional specialty items brought from the US. We are happy to accommodate your dietary restrictions and/or allergies. We practice an expedition motto of “happiness through eating!”

Our international trips feature local standard three star accommodations in the larger cities and towns. These hotels offer all of the amenities you would expect; room service, laundry, wireless internet…etc. They are often close to the local points of interest, unique shops and colorful markets, and offer guests a comfortable place to relax between the trip activities.

During our treks and climbs we will be camping with Style.  You might find yourself waking up to a hot tea delivered with a smile right to the foot of your tent each morning, or playing cards in the dining tent during afternoon tea with new acquaintances, or enjoying a fine meal prepared by our cook staff that is present on each trip. Camping will take on a new meaning for you!

The current currency of Argentina is the Peso. Check a financial newspaper or for the current exchange rate prior to departure.

You should find that $1000 spending money is adequate for your restaurant meals, tips and pocket money during the entire trip. You may choose to bring more depending on your shopping plans and length of stay.

Cash machines are readily available in Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn, gateway to the Valdes Peninsula, but become increasingly difficult to find outside of the main urban areas.

Credit cards are accepted in most, but not all, areas.

Everyone has a preferred way to carry money. Some use money belts, others have hidden pockets. Whatever you do, be aware of pickpockets and thieves in any area which caters to tourists.

If you love food expedition’s menus are designed to provide many delicious meals!  Your guides will skillfully prepare all your mouth- watering meals with menus developed by BBE. You'll burn plenty of calories so eating lots is mandatory! In the event that you have special dietary requirements or food intolerance, please let us know at the time you are making your reservation.

Physical Conditioning
All kinds of people, with varying degrees of physical abilities have been lured into the seat of a touring sea kayak. On the average we spend four to six hours a day paddling, with stops for snacks, lunch and stretches. We plan our days to take advantage of wind and currents, but at times conditions can make paddling more challenging. Our trips are not strenuous, and to enjoy you need only be healthy and have an appreciation of the outdoors, along with a sense of adventure. We are not able to determine if your own fitness level is appropriate. If you have any concerns, please contact us, and consult with your doctor prior to your trip.

The air temperature during the day is around 15 C to 25 C degrees, at night 5 C and 10 C. during spring (Sept to Dec.). In December is almost summer with warmer days. Rain is only 250 mm per year, so it doesn’t rain that much. Normally the days are sunny, with clear sky.

The temperature of the water is in September 10/12 C and December is 16/18 C.

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Location: Península Valdés, Argentina

Length: 7 Days

Trip Dates: October 17 - October 23

Guide Ratio: 4:1

Max: 8 paddlers

Group Cost: $2,475 (minimum of 2)

Private Group Cost:
The price for a 4 members ($9,900 divided by 2, 3, or 4)

Deposit: $750 per person

The current trip fee includes:

  • BBE Professional kayak guide services
  • Scheduled hotel accommodations on Day 1 and Day 6, based on double or triple occupancy
  • Land tour to the external coast of the Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve. Visit to San Lorenzo Magellanic Penguin colony
  • Whale watching excursion from Puerto Piramides
  • Entry fees to the Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve
  • All group camping and cooking gear.  All group equipment, kayaks, paddles, etc.
  • Ground transportation as mentioned in itinerary. Airport/Bus Terminal transfers from/to Puerto Madryn Days 1 and 7
  • All meals while on the kayak expedition

The trip fee does not include:

  • Any hotel accommodation not indicated in the itinerary
  • Restaurant meals in Puerto Piramides or Puerto Madryn
  • All items of a personal nature such as phone calls, laundry, excess beverages, mineral waters, wines and liquors, laundry, room service, insurance (see below)
  • Trip cancellation, medical & rescue insurance
  • International round-trip airfare home - Puerto Madryn
  • Single Room Supplement (Hotels Only)
  • Argentina Entrance Fee/Reciprocity Fee (Canadian and Australian citizens)
  • Excess baggage charges and airport taxes
  • Personal gear
  • Airport transfers when deviating from the appointed flights and dates of the group schedule 
  • Charges incurred as a result of delays beyond the control of BBE

*NB Accommodations are based on double occupancy. A Single Supplement Fee will be charged to those occupying single accommodations by choice or circumstance. The single supplement is not available for camps tents, or in all hotels (strictly subject to availability).