The world’s last great wilderness.

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Antarctica remains almost completely undeveloped and unpopulated, due to the hostility of its climate. It is a land of beauty and true extremes, which epitomizes the very idea of remoteness, harshness and isolation.

Mount Vinson

At 4,897m, Mount Vinson isn’t as high as the other Seven Summits, but as an expedition experience, climbing Vinson can be likened to the top of a major 8,000-meter Himalayan peak, with all the cold and commitment, but without the altitude.


The South Pole

Ski The Last Degree is the ideal choice for those who want the serious challenge of a polar expedition but do not have the time or resources to commit to a full-length expedition from the coast.  The journey begins at 89° South, where we are dropped by twin otter to travel by ski the last 60 nautical miles (111km) to the most southerly point on Earth – the Geographic South Pole.




Mount Vinson
19 days +

Mount Vinson

Climb the highest mountain in Antarctica