Latin America

Latin America Is An Exquisite Study Of Diversity - A Continent Of Rainforests, Lost Cities Nestled High In The Mountains, Conquistadors, Descendants Of The Inca Empire, Shimmering Glaciers, And The Home To The Benegas Brothers Immense Home Training Ground … The Andes

The steep granite towers and glacier coated peaks of Northern Patagonia, along with Aconcagua, is  an immense training ground where the Brothers nurtured their love for the great outdoors, fine-tuned their climbing skills, and established themselves as truly world-class alpinists.

Outside of the Himalayas, the Andes hold the world’s highest mountains. There’s Alpamayo, considered the world’s most beautiful, or Aconcagua, the region’s tallest. The mountains are not limited to South America though. Central America, with Honduras and Costa Rica leading the way, is home to several high summits that make you forget you ever stepped foot in the tropics. 



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