Kilimanjaro Machame Route

The Machamé Route (Aka “the Whiskey Route”) Offers Several Distinct Advantages To Other Routes On The Kilimanjaro. Our Favorite Of Which Is The Fact That Is It Is Far Less Traveled Compared To The Whopping 15,000 Yearly Attempts Made On More Direct Routes, Such As The Marangu. This Isolation On The Ascent Offers Our Customers A Pristine Wilderness Experience And Less Known Views Of This Worldwide Wonder.

Carstensz Pyramid

Accessed By Remote Jungle And Rock, The Most Exotic Of The Seven Summits Offers A Truly Unique Expedition. The Highest Island Peak In The World, Known Locally As Puncak Jaya, Carstensz Is The Only Rock Climbing Peak Of The Famed Seven Summits.

Aconcagua Normal Route

We Will Continue To Offer Our Unique And Meticulously Planned Acclimatization Program For Aconcagua, Beginning Our Ascent To High Altitude In The Beautiful Vallecitos Valley, And Offering Our Guests The Opportunity To Experience More Of The Real Argentina!

Mount Everest Fall Expedition

Benegas Brothers Expeditions Began Guiding Expeditions On Mount Everest In 1999. Along With Our Strong Sherpa Team, We Have Proven Ourselves To Be The Strongest, Safest, And Most Respected Guiding Team On The Mountain. For 2020, We Are Switching To The Fall Season, In Able To Maintain A Higher Safety Standard.

Mount Everest

At 29,035 Feet (8,850 Meters), Mount Everest Is The Tallest Mountain In The World. Inevitably, Mount Everest Was The Object Of Fascination Long Before Westerners Began To Climb The Mountain.

Mount Vinson

Although Comparatively Modest In Terms Of Height, Mount Vinson Offers A Major Climbing Challenge Due To The Harshness Of Its Climate And Its Extremely Remote Location.


Standing At 19,341ft, Kilimanjaro Is The Highest Freestanding Mountain On Earth And The Fourth Highest Climb Of The Seven Summits.

Denali (Mount Mckinley)

Three climbers ascend a snowy path in a remote mountain range covered in snow.

At 6,168m, Mount Mckinley, Whose Native Name Is Denali For “the High One”, Is The Highest Mountain Peak In North America. An Ascent Of Denali Touches The Psyche Of All Alpinists, And For Those Who Have Undertaken Its Challenges, It Rewards Them With An Unforgettable, Once-in-a-lifetime Experience.

Mount Elbrus

Mt. Elbrus, Which Is A Dormant, Double-coned Volcano, Rises To 18,510 Feet (5,642 Meters), And Is The Highest Mountain In All Of Europe. Europe’s, As Well As Russia’s, Highest Peak.


At An Awe Inspiring 6963m, Aconcagua Is The Highest Mountain In The Western Hemisphere, And You Get To Climb It!