Trip Focus Bolivia

Trip Focus Bolivia



Known as the “Tibet” of South America, Bolivia’s wealth of natural wonders, colorful Indian traditions, and enigmatic ancient ruins, makes it one of the world’s most unusual countries. The Bolivian Andes offer some of the most alluring climbing we have come across anywhere in the world. Rising to elevations between 13,000 and 21,000 feet (4,000 and 6,500 meters), Bolivia’s massive glaciated peaks and the surrounding altiplano (high plains) feature cobalt-blue skies with remarkably stable weather. Located just 16 degrees south of the equator, these high peaks provide superb and seemingly endless opportunities for alpinists and hikers. The culture of Bolivia is fascinating, with the highest percentage of indigenous people anywhere in the western hemisphere. Many of the Aymara and Quechua people living in the remote areas do not speak Spanish, yet in La Paz there is a colorful mix of modern and traditional, European and ancient Andean cultures. Lake Titicaca, located at 3,856 meters above sea level, provides a magnificent backdrop to this unique high world and an ideal place to explore whilst we begin adjusting to altitude.

The Cordillera Real
“High mountains, clear cobalt–blue skies virtually every day during the season and easy access to great climbing. Sound good? Welcome to Bolivia!” So wrote Yossi Brain in his introduction to his guide to the country in 1999, and he was right! Our Bolivian Alpinist expedition is always one of our most popular, trips and for good reason.! The itinerary includes an acclimatization trek followed by ascents of no less than four superb mountains in the Cordillera Real. The expedition is designed for climbers and mountaineers who are looking to make a first summit in the Andes of easy to moderate alpine difficulty. We begin with the Piramide Blanco and Pequeño Alpamayo in the Condoriri Group. These are excellent peaks to start with as  they enables us to gradually gain acclimatization for the higher peaks to come. They also have beautiful, whistle not too difficult summit ridges. We then move on to Huayna Potosi, a mere two hours drive from La Paz the country’s capital, and probably the most convenient 6000m peak in the world. We cumulate this adventure with a climb of the mighty Illimani, adding a 3-day extension to summit this splendid 6,438m peak.

Trip Overview
Meeting Place: La Paz International Airport
Arrive: Day 1 Morning
Depart: Day 14 / Day 17 any time
Length: 14 days (13 nights) / 17 days (16 nights) with Illimani Extension
Client/Guide Ratio: 1:2
Group Size: 3 minimum, 8 maximum
Skill level: Intermediate – Participants should have either prior glacier/ice climbing experience on different types of terrain: steep ice, steep rock, steep snow slopes, moraines, high altitude
Deposit to sign up: $750 per person (final payments due 90 days before departure)

Fixed Date Departures                     Private Departures
June 3 to June 15    – closed                 You choose the date!
June 17 to June 29  – Spaces Left!

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