Summit Push 19 Camp 3 Tomorrow

Summit Push 19 Camp 3 Tomorrow



The news in is that the team are doing great today: Damian, Kike, Lopsang Sherpa y George, Rowena and Jorge. They are enjoying a rest day, despite the nerves, at Camp 2. At 6,400 meters, Camp 2 sits under the imposing South West Face. This is our fully-equipped Advanced Base Camp, where members can stay for more extended periods. Another gentle slope leads to the huge Lhotse face, an ice wall of approximately 30 – 40 degrees in angle, which they must tackle tomorrow. Some of the team will start using oxygen already tomorrow. Our Camp 3 is placed at approximately 7,400 meters. From here, on Wednesday, they must then continue up the Lhotse Face, passing the rocks of the Yellow Band to traverse left towards the South Col, at just under 8000 meters.

So far things are looking good for a drop a in wind for a Thursday morning summit, but the office is wathcing wind forecasts around the clock and relaying updates to the team via satellite, so watch this space!

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