Wasatch Alpine Climbing: Quick Access to Scenic Terrain

Steep mountains with blue sky behind them.

The Wasatch is home to some of the quickest-access alpine climbing around. You can find beginner scrambles to knife-edge ridges and catwalks. Learn more! The mighty Wasatch Range holds some of the finest mountain terrain not just in Utah, but in North America. Stretching from northern to central Utah, the Wasatch (meaning “mountain pass” in […]

How to Create a Custom Mountaineering Trip

A man climbing up a ladder on a bergschrund. He is attached to a rope with full winter mountaineering gear including a backpack, ice axe, ice screws, etc.

Learn how easy it is to book a custom-created mountaineering adventure with an IFMGA American Mountain Guide. You’re likely familiar with the concept of guided mountaineering expeditions. We offer scheduled expeditions from far-flung destinations like the mighty Everest (29,032 ft) and Aconcagua (22,837 ft), as well as spectacular summits close to home, such as Mount […]

How To Find a Mountaineering Mentor

Climbers pose on top of a high mountain summit in the Himalayas.

What to look for in a rock or alpine climbing, backcountry skiing, or general mountaineering mentor. Find the best mentor and fit for you. Have you been caught up in the recent climbing craze, spurred on by films like The Alpinist and Free Solo? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to explore the high places of […]

How To Prepare for Climbing Mount Everest: Logistics and Physical Training

Learn the logistics and preparation needed to climb Mount Everest. It’s much more than physical training. It’s also a practice in patience and demands funding. Climbing the world’s tallest mountain is no easy feat. You can’t hop off the couch after months of Call of Duty, cheese puffs, and soda, and expect to get very […]

Why Climb Mount Everest in the Fall?

The Benegas Brothers are among the world’s most experienced guides for summiting Everest. Learn about an offseason ascent of Mount Everest to avoid the crowds. Whether you’re just toying with the idea of attempting Everest at some point in your life or you’re already an experienced mountaineer gradually building up to a summit attempt on […]