Benegas Brothers Expeditions
Duration: Customized Dates
Location: Wasatch Range, Utah
Price: from $450 / day

Skiing in Wasatch

Backcountry Ski Trips  in the Wasatch with Willie Benegas

Interested in picking up the skills necessary to ski tour the Utah backcountry unguided? Or run your own ski mountaineering expedition? Have some off piste experience but interested in getting more into backcountry powder skiing with confidence in route finding and deep turns during longer descents? Or want to plan extended length trips in winter conditions, or learn the skills to rappell into something more serious? Come join our ski trips taking place right here in the Wasatch Mountains….

For the 2018 Winter season, Willie Benegas is offering 1- to 3-day backcountry ski training  in his home, the Wasatch mountains of Utah: powder skiing and ski mountaineering, we offer a tailored trip to meet YOUR goals to improve as an independent randonee or extreme skier.

Home in on all the skills required that you are either missing or need to revise, to enjoy the winter mountains independently – our aim is to get you out in the mountains unguided in the future: backcountry ski planning, weather, avalanche concerns and routes, plan B’s, safety plans, camp locations, group dynamics and plenty more!

Our ski days or weekends are instructed by IFMGA guide Willie Benegas and will take place on weekends from the end of January to March. Willie not only has significant expedition experience on Himalayan Peaks, Denali, Aconcagua, and Antarctica, but simply loves to ski!


    • •  Meet at specified location
    • •  Go over itinerary, individual goals and route selection
    • •  Review basic back country ski equipment, techniques for the day (up, down, conversions, anything technical)
    • •  Skin up
    • •  Technique and Skiing movement advice will be given along the way
    • •  Break for water and snacks as needed
    • •  Proceed to ski some more beautiful backcountry!
    Nestled in upper Big Cottonwood Canyon, Beartrap Fork boasts more than safe tree glades: it’s downright quiet and untracked too. Most folks drive right by the unmarked trailhead without realizing it’s there, but there it is — just half a mile down-canyon from bustling Silver Fork Lodge.

    We frequently sing the praises of Mill D North, even if the canyon snowplow guy did block my car in behind a four-foot-high chunk-mound last time I was there. Mill D still offers a veritable playground of gentle, aspen-gladed delights.

    The view from the top of Circle-All Peak makes the trek up to it worthwhile; it’s one of the best views in the Wasatch. As you de-skin and contemplate the glorious fall line beneath you, you’ll be able to scope out every major feature along the dramatic skyline between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

  • Local Day Trips in Utah – applies to apply to all ski touring
    •1:1 – $450 per person per day
    •2:1 – $255 per person per day
    •3:1 – $210 per person per day

    Standard Trips outside of Utah and all overnight trips
    •1:1 – $500 per person per day
    •2:1 – $300 per person per day
    •3:1 – $240 per person per day

    Extreme Days
    Days that consist of more than 10 hours of movement, often up to 14. Depending on travel and logistics, I may require two Standard days instead of one extreme day.
    •1:1 – $650 per person per day
    •2:1 – $405 per person per day

    For all destinations outside of  Utah the cost of the guides travel will be covered by our guests, divided evenly between guests

    Rates does not include providing food for our guests – we’ve found just too many differences in tastes and preferences, so you will bring your own or we shop together if we are camping

    The rate does include all group camping and climbing equipment when necessary: tents, stoves, stove fuel, pots, climbing ropes, and climbing protection. The rate does not include personal ski (touring skis as well as avalanche gear) and personal camping equipment (pad, sleeping bag, headlamp etc)

    Tipping has become an ingrained part of the American service industry, and guiding isn’t an exception. Gratuity is not included in any of our rates. If you have questions or would like suggestions about how to tip your guide, please contact us