Benegas Brothers Expeditions

8000 meter peaks

The ultimate ambition of many mountaineers is to reach the summit of one of the world’s 8000 meter peaks. Of the fourteen peaks of over 8000 meters, perhaps no more than six are suitable for commercially organized and professionally guided expeditions. Over the past decade, commercial expeditions organized by BBE and other operators have drastically changed the way in which climbers have approached such peaks. The economies of scale now possible enable climbers of relatively modest means to join an expedition which, until recently, would have been prohibitively expensive or complex to organize. Although summit success on an 8000 meter peak can never be guaranteed, the provision of professional high altitude guides, experienced Climbing Sherpas and state of the art equipment will give you the best possible chance at success.


High Altitude Mountaineering: A Warning

Before continuing to read the details of our 8000 meter peak expeditions we must warn you that High Altitude Mountaineering is potentially a very dangerous activity. Above 8000 meters the environment cannot readily be managed and you will be at the very limit of your mental and physical abilities. Although these expeditions are professionally guided, the guides’ ability to function and to assist client members at these altitudes is also similarly reduced. Above 8000 meters, mistakes and judgment errors usually have severe consequences and despite our efforts to manage and reduce the risks involved, they can never be entirely eliminated.