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Alpha Campaign for Polartec, photo courtesy of Corey Rich Productions, logistics and rigging in Patagonia by BBE


Locations, Safety, Photography, and Filming

Our passion is travel, and we’re here to guide you through your own travel experiences so you can make long-lasting memories to cherish forever. However, what’s a travel experience without the pictures to prove it? We provide specialized experience in mountain filming and photography areas, meaning we take you to specific locations to capture the most breathtaking views. Imagine taking the perfect landscape of the Andes mountains, or capturing stunning images of birds native to South America, nestled in their natural environments.


imageAt BBE, we possess an intricate understanding of both physical and political environments, which allow us to assist you in taking in the whole travel experience, on the cultural, environmental, and local levels. We are well versed and very familiar with each of the travel locations we visit, and this knowledge allows us to provide you with top-notch personalized service to the best locations, all while ensuring your safety and convenience.

Natives to South America, twin brothers Damian and Willie, co-owners of Benegas Brothers Expeditions, specialize in travel experiences all over South America. Though most of BBE’s expeditions visit the Himalayas, Andes, Alaska, Pakistan, Africa, Europe, and other locations, we push ourselves each and every year to accomplish new mountains that are rarely visited. We offer trips to locations for every level of skill, from beginning mountaineers to experts. An impressive portfolio showcases and details our experience in leading and overseeing safety in each of our expeditions, is available for viewing – please contact us for a pdf copy, meanwhile check out our Vimeo Channel.


Alpha-technicalExpeditions and adventures take us all over the world and allow us to see breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary vistas. We love capturing these sights on film to be able to keep these moments forever. During each of our adventures and expeditions, we take with us cameras to take pictures and video of each of our travel locations. We keep the many pictures we take on file for later publication. Our extensive film and photo library includes pictures and video of spectacular climbing footage from many of the highest and impressive mountains on earth. The raw footage we get during our adventures is later processed and converted into short clips and movies that showcase our travels and adventures, and also how we work as a team. Watch one of our clips, available at Benegas Brothers Expeditions on Vimeo, to get an idea of our teamwork and the things we experience in our daily lives. Each of our finished clips is paired with peaceful and uplifting music, adding to the overall sense and feel of the inspiring video. However, the videos and vistas you see through your computer screen pale in comparison to the real thing.
Sadly, our videos and photography can never justify what nature has to offer. While you may find our expeditions beautiful and visually stunning, there is nothing that can mimic the feeling you have when you finally reach the top of the mountain and take in the 360 panoramic views.


Polartec Alpha Campaign Writeup, Corey Rich Productions

Featured Video: Polartec Alpha Campaign