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Join BBE to explore the world's most beautiful and remote secrets on foot!
Yearning for true wilderness, nature and seclusion? Our handpicked treks will be right up your trail. Whether alone or with our company, allow BBE to coordinate the logistics of accessing these remote locations, leaving you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Traveling to these remote regions with Benegas Brothers offers an experience of a lifetime. No other organization can provide the combination of expertise, long-lasting relationships with locals, and first-hand knowledge of the mountains and environment. At BBE, we passionately pass on our principles and unrivaled expertise to each expedition member, and looks specifically for team members who are eager to share the BBE ethics of teamwork, shared responsibility, compassion, and fun.

Our trek packages are all gold standard: you’ll get nothing less than the most comprehensive support in preparations for, during, and after your expedition, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to tailor the schedule to your personal needs. As with all our expeditions, we believe that you should be free to lose yourself in the world of the mountains and travel unfettered by the rigors of food preparation, lodging and logistics.



Patagonian Ice Cap: Ski or Snowshoe Expedition
13 Days

Patagonian Ice Cap: Ski or Snowshoe Expedition

Discover one of the world’s most stunning mountain environments