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There’s plenty coming up this next Spring in Nepal.

Everest Summit Regan 2017 (1 of 1)

Our return to Everest in 2017 was for a fantastic and hugely successful season. As infrastructure is finally returning to normal post earthquake in Nepal, we are delighted to return again to Nepal to Mera Peak, Makalu (tbc!) and of course Everest in the Spring of 2018.

As always, we employ our family of renowned Sherpa staff, legendary throughout the community and a true mainstay of our summit support teams. We ensure an exceptional base camp renowned as the most friendly, welcoming, and professional camp ‘in town’, with the best – and we mean the best – food!

The 2018 Everest season will be equipped with our usual dream-team of Willie Benegas (12 summits), Damian Benegas (5 summits) and base camp manager Georgie Davenport (Paramedic, 4 seasons) – space for just 6 on this small tailored and Benegas style high-end to the roof of the world.

Check out our Spring Everest expedition here!

A Track Record of Consistent 8000m Success:

BBE’s 8000m Himalayan Guided Expeditions, Spring 2010 – 2017…

2017: 100% success at Everest! All guided climbers who reached high camp made the summit.
2016: 100% success at Manaslu! All guided climbers who reached high camp made the summit.
2016: 100% success at Cho Oyu and Makalu! All guided climbers made the summit.
2013: 100% success! All guided climbers who reached high camp made the summit.
2012: Another red-letter year for Benegas Brothers Expeditions, with six guided clients on the summit. Although we experienced very tough summit conditions, Benegas Brothers Expeditions was one of the few guide services to have large-scale summit success. Our experience and knowledge enabled us to choose an uncrowded summit day, and utilize our guides’ and Sherpas’ expertise. Furthermore, BBE was paramount to the entire overall success of the 2012 Everest season, after we opened a variation of the fixed route on the Lhotse Face without the danger of perilous rockfall affecting the planned route. This promptly opened up the upper face of Everest to all climbers who summited in 2012.
2011: 100% success! A number of climbers also reached the Lhotse summit shortly thereafter. In addition, BBE guides Damian and Matoco successfully made one of the most difficult high altitude rescues ever attempted, aiding a Spanish team on the Lhotse Face. They were later awarded multiple international awards for their efforts.
2010: 100% success! All guided climbers who reached high camp made the summit.

These percentages are exceptionally high compared to other outfitters. We strongly encourage you to compare these statistics to our competitors, and happily provide further statistics on summit success ratios for Guided vs. Non-Guided expeditions.

If you’re thinking about an 8000m peak next Spring, please email Georgie for a Himalaya Spring Newsletter!


Georgie Davenport
About the Author
Georgie began working with Damian and Willie in 2008, whilst also running an adventure travel company in Patagonia. Nowadays now runs BBE’s expedition planning and logistics, as well as Everest Base Camp, down to the finest detail, to ensure the highest safety standards possible and maximize chances of a successful summit. Georgie adores skiing and fly fishing, and lives in the Pyrenees’s Val D’Aran. She is a USA certified NREMT-Paramedic and AHA Basic Life Support Instructor. Languages spoken: English and fluent Spanish.