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It is 06.30am here in Nepal and we’ve just heard our climbing team on the radio – they just reached the South Summit of Mt. Everest. The sun is rising and I can only describe the day and the views the climbers must have as… Perfect!! It is an amazing day outside. Not a single cloud in sight. Having been communicating via Lam Babu at C2, we now have a clean line of radio contact with them and it was just magic and such a relief to hear Willie’s voice just now! He even said winds are low…

The South Summit is at 8,750 meters, just 100 meters from the true summit. From here the climbers can look across the ridge, up the Hillary Step, and see the top. Normally this final portion of the climb takes around an hour, but don’t be alarmed if my next post does not show up for short while longer than that, we have plenty of time, the team may just have to move a bit slower and really take in the once in a lifetime amazing views they must be enjoying up there!! Incredible that they have reached this height after leaving the S. Col at just after 2300 last night – that’s under 7.5 hours!

My next update will be reporting the summit!!!

Georgie Davenport
About the Author
Georgie began working with Damian and Willie in 2008, whilst also running an adventure travel company in Patagonia. Nowadays now runs BBE’s expedition planning and logistics, as well as Everest Base Camp, down to the finest detail, to ensure the highest safety standards possible and maximize chances of a successful summit. Georgie adores skiing and fly fishing, and lives in the Pyrenees’s Val D’Aran. She is a USA certified NREMT-Paramedic and AHA Basic Life Support Instructor. Languages spoken: English and fluent Spanish.