Benegas Brothers Expeditions

Well done everyone! Today is… a slog! The team are now all resting and hydrating at Camp 4 aka South Col, winds will be dropping soon, and we are super proud of everyone. Today was one of the greater hurdles of the ascent and we did it!

Only once you have climbed up the remaining Lhotse face, past upper Camp 3 and the Yellow Band, do you still have the intimidating Geneva Spur to go! Kinda a traverse, but the word traverse looses meaning when your destination is at 8000m! (8,016m to be exact! a huge achievement for everyone.) The team is using supplemental oxygen at this point and will continue to do so until safely down from the summit to the South Col and even below some.

Plans for summit coming up shortly…

Route to South Col as seen from way below, long and steep:

Camp 2 to 4 Route

The upper mountain and summit day route, 850m gain:


View of Everest and the S. Col from yesterday’s Camp 3:

camp 3






Georgie Davenport
About the Author
Georgie began working with Damian and Willie in 2008, whilst also running an adventure travel company in Patagonia. Nowadays now runs BBE’s expedition planning and logistics, as well as Everest Base Camp, down to the finest detail, to ensure the highest safety standards possible and maximize chances of a successful summit. Georgie adores skiing and fly fishing, and lives in the Pyrenees’s Val D’Aran. She is a USA certified NREMT-Paramedic and AHA Basic Life Support Instructor. Languages spoken: English and fluent Spanish.