Benegas Brothers Expeditions

Wow… seriously impressed with our crew this morning! After valiantly starting out from a cold C1 before sunrise at 0620, the whole team romped into C2 in under 3 hours!! What an amazing performance, fastest ever… They are now enjoying breakfast and have promised me a team photo afterwards!

Wind conditions are so far looking great for the 25th, so the plan – unless weather forecasts change – is to have a full rest day tomorrow after the rest of today as well before moving up to C3 on the 23rd! C3 is currently being set up! NB – this has been a crazy season for weather forecasting, forecasts are changing every time we study them which is really unusual! Quote Michael Fagin who we have worked with for years – I have been forecasting here since 2003 and never seen a season like this with forecast model runs changing every 12 hours. !!!

Enjoy the well deserved rest everyone!


Georgie Davenport
About the Author
Georgie began working with Damian and Willie in 2008, whilst also running an adventure travel company in Patagonia. Nowadays now runs BBE’s expedition planning and logistics, as well as Everest Base Camp, down to the finest detail, to ensure the highest safety standards possible and maximize chances of a successful summit. Georgie adores skiing and fly fishing, and lives in the Pyrenees’s Val D’Aran. She is a USA certified NREMT-Paramedic and AHA Basic Life Support Instructor. Languages spoken: English and fluent Spanish.