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A Nepalese porter walks with his load from Everest base camp in Nepal


Two days of Nepal Relief fundraising has produced almost $30,000 in commitments! One more event here in Switzerland and the boys are back to Kathmandu to rejoin Damian.

Over the past 10 days, the remarkable team, which includes Edurne Pasaban, Matt, the Benegas Brothers, Sherpas, Team Rubicon and Richard Ragan from the U.N.’s World Food Program, have created an awesome vision and highly developed plan. The goal is simple: This week we’ll assemble about 430 porters, they’ll carry lighter loads over the tough terrain, pay them twice the normal load rate, move 10,000kgs of food to villages in need in the Manaslu region. Helicopters are great, but once the monsoon hits in a few weeks, flights will be tough. Our porters will be reestablishing the trade routes into the valley, getting much needed income and helping take an active role in their recovery. You won’t see these two in these types of suits too often, but they wear them well and have succeeded in getting the initial fuel to kick off the mission – Nepal Relief, Building a Path to Recovery. You can help too! Special thanks to Tom Lines, CEO of Q-Force for generously hosting us here in Zurich.

Our first mission will be will be located in the villages of Singla and Khorla. This two villages are located above Latrak village towards Totapani. According our ground work there is approximated 4000 people and 550 houses.

We will procure all sources in KTM and from here we load two trucks and depart on Monday towards Gorka Bazaar. We will set up a distribution center in Baluwa and from there get aprox: 400 porters to carry the approximate 8600kg

Rice 1 4500
Dal 0.388 1746
Sugar 0.1 450
Tea 0.05 225
Oil 0.2 900
Salt 0.05 225
Tarps 550 550

Over the next two weeks we will be focusing on rebuilding the Path to Recovery providing cash directly to Porters from the affected villages. we will provide the necessary food and supplies to survive the next 30 days but a the same time providing much needed work creating a initial micro economy adding much needed cash directly to the population. We are racing against time, with a plan & support team



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