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Make your adventure dreams reality with Benegas Brothers Expeditions!

Welcome to the BBE website, our portal for YOUR adventures! BBE has focused on small strong teams, our unrivaled family feel, phenomenal guides and our long-term staff, since 1992. Our track record is proven by our successful summits and safety rate, and clients who book with us again and again, year after year. Veterans of the Himalaya, first ascents, rock, ice, snow, water, whatever adventure we embark on in whatever medium, on any continent, come and experience our impeccable planning, service and guidance. Fixed date departures on Seven continents, tailor made adventures and ascents, filming, family or luxury travel and more.   Read more…



About the Benegas Brothers

Benegas Brothers Expeditions was founded in 1992 by twin brothers Damian and Guillermo (Willie) Benegas. Their curiosity for climbing was sparked by their father, Rafael Benegas, who during long, cold Argentine winters, would entertain the energetic young boys with his climbing photos and tales of Patagonian adventures. These images along with mountaineering literature left them with an insatiable thirst for adventure, and the inspiration to embark on their own incredible journey. Before long, the steep granite towers and glacier coated peaks of Northern Patagonia, along with Aconcagua, became an immense training ground where the Brothers would nurture their love for the great outdoors, fine-tune their climbing skills, and establish themselves as truly world-class alpinists.

Now, after over twenty seasons and more than 100 summits of Aconcagua, the Benegas Brothers have guided climbers and adventurers from countries all around the world, all over the world! Benegas Brothers Expeditions reflect the spirit of mountain exploration in an exciting, safe, and intimate family atmosphere. We take pride in providing our groups with the best possible opportunity to summit, and to discover a mountain of possibilities on peaks worldwide.

Current Featured Trips


04 Sep 2016 - 16 Oct 2016
Manaslu North East Face Route At 26,759 feet (8,156 meters), Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world, and is located in the Mansiri Himal, in the west-central part of Nepal. The mountain’s long ridges and valley glaciers offer feasible approaches from all directions, and culminate in a peak that towers steeply above its surrounding landscape, a dominant feature when viewed from afar. Manaslu is considered an ‘achievable’ 8000m peak. The climbing route follows an obvious line that is direct without being too steep.


19 Oct 2016 - 17 Nov 2016
Ama Dablam Ama Dablam (6,828m) is undoubtedly one of the most striking mountains on our planet. Located in the Khumbu, Everest region of Nepal, she is recognized as one of the most beautiful peaks in the Himalaya and has special significance to the Sherpas in the Khumbu Valley. This climb is NOT for novice mountaineers. It will require members to be comfortable ascending and descending steep terrain on fixed ropes. A high technical standard is not mandatory because primarily the guides will be leading the climb and fixing the route.

Alpine Climbing in Colombia

11 days
Located in the northeast portion of the Andes of Colombia, El Cocuy National Park and its highest peak, Ritacuba Blanco, offer easily accessible beginner to intermediate terrain, with straightforward glacial climbs. From a centrally located base camp our beginner climbers, and also those looking for an expedition to lesser traveled South American mountainous regions, are granted access to many different peaks with utterly spectacular views. This trip is simply unique, especially when compared to the popular climbing destinations of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

Patagonia Volcanoes Mega Backcountry Tour

07 Sep 2016 - 19 Sep 2016
Discover the beauty and experience the thrill of ski touring the most spectacular of Patagonia's volcanoes. This adventure is designed for advanced to expert skiers wishing to challenge their limits and abilities in the central Patagonian Andes. You will ascend and descend no fewer than five majestic Andean Volcanoes: Casablanca, Osorno, Villarica, Lonquimay and Lanin. 
Combining world class back-country skiing, superb views, pristine wilderness, cozy rustic hotels, and exquisite natural hot springs.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking, Conferences and Events Using their Everest experience and other adventures, the twin’s fascinating missions have led them to their involvement with many motivational speaking events, conferences, festivals and lectures, worldwide. The Benega’s speaks on their self motivation, achieving seemingly impossible goals, and the rewards of perseverance in order to follow dreams. Damian and Willie talks of finding the positives in failure as well as success, and speaks with natural enthusiasm, honesty and a passion to both inspire and move their audience.

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BBE Film Production: Polartec Alpha Campaign Bariloche, Argentina, 2013

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